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Two-wheeler Adventure

Two-wheeler adventure feeds the thriving souls of the motorcyclists and bikers yearn for off-paved roads thrill. To make your climbs, drifts, skids, and jumps more exciting you need a dirt bike with high speed and off-road capabilities. It’s a rider’s choice to purchase a dirt bike for an off-road mountain adventure or commute both city roads and off-road trails. Currently, EMX Motors L.L.C is peddling two promising dirt bike brands to aid your thrilling ventures, Drill One and Delfast. Both bike brands have a lot to offer to our enthusiastic bikers and cyclists. Let’s see the specifications and capabilities of these bikes:


With Delfast electric bike you get 3-speed options, as it is armed with a pedal assist. The maximum speed reported for the bike is 140 km / h. You don’t have to worry about the legal issues while ridding a Delfast bike because many countries allow it for road usage. This electric bike can be adjusted for full-electric mode and pedal assist if you wish to fly on the city roads. The bike is legal in most regions. The high performance and speed of the bike stem in its acceleration make you like flying on smooth tracks. The bike is well-equipped with a double hydraulic disc brake and automatic brake lights, making you detectable for other riders on the track. However, it is more of a sportbike than a street-worthy option for you. In the dual-sport segment, it is one of the bikes to exhilarate for the on-road and off-road tracks. It has an impressive speed because of its power output. Especially, if you are looking for a dual-sport machine, Delfast is one of the best bikes for you. The SMART security system in the bike makes you feel comfortable on the road and technical software enables the display of relevant information like the charge level, although 72V 100aH (7.2 KW / h) battery is enough for the day’s ride charge level to keep you informed. A sleek dirt bike with a 110 to 140 mph speed makes it a fair option for fast riders.

Drill One

EMX Motors L.L.C Dubai has recently introduced the newest model of CZECH. This one is an electric motorcycle for you to explore your off-road voyages with HUB QS 8Kw nominal motor. Drill One 2020 model is equipped with a handlebar button that helps you control three engine modes for performance. Besides the new controller, handlebars display voltage and battery capacity, close to the motorcycle power button. The advanced controller (Sine wave) enables remote access and service via a diagnostic and communication interface. The new battery is 72V 100aH (7.2 KW / h) that offers a better range and power for protection and regulation via a more advanced Battery Management System (BMS) that involves pre-set values and power mapping of regeneration. Now you can choose your best rides with this technology while going downhill or coasting as you can recharge your battery meanwhile. The maximum speed reported for the new Drill One dirt bike is 140 km / h. It has a double hydraulic disc brake and reverse gears to give you the smoothest ride. In the future, we intend to bring up more bikes with the right modifications and more quests for you to explore!

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