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Dubai is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in the world because of many reasons, but recently cyclists marvel at the classic tracks, infrastructure, and facilities. Dubai turns to pedal power as the sport has driven significant attention. The country has already invested millions of dirhams in competitive events, facilities, and cycling tracks for this leisure sport. Dubai is promoting an active lifestyle and sports by financing five cycling and running tracks across the emirates. EMX Motors L.L.C, Dubai is feeding this passion for active sports by bringing up all the right bike brands and supported accessories for you. Dubai Marina’s cycling track is already completed to serve the Tram users. Bike racks are provided by the RTA for the green and red lines at the Metro stations for cyclists. The Emirates bicycle masterplan entails cycling tracks that connect malls, beaches, parks, and metro stations to communities. RTA is successfully achieving its milestones in the construction of the cycling tracks and infrastructure. Meanwhile, the Dubai Tour launch has developed a professional cycling circuit in Emirates. Tour de France and British Olympic Champions are taking interest in Dubai’s competitive events and cycling sports, which is attracting a lot of attention from the international sporting industry. Dubai welcomes all sorts of attention, given the Emirates bicycle masterplan that encourages tourists and residents to participate in active sports and a healthy lifestyle. Although, the country faces a lot of competition from the well-established cycling sports industries around the world. Companies like EMX Motors L.L.C are taking the advantage of this new opportunity by making the sports goods; bikes, spare parts, accessories, etc., available to Dubai’s tourist population who are showing great interest in this new venture. Nathan Pillai, Novo’s managing partner is a Spanish driver who joined the firm to establish cycling sports in Dubai via a sports investment management company. According to him, existing market, economic, and social conditions have raised the opportunities for investors in Dubai for sports.

As cycling sports has been taken by the storm, its consumption and marketing have also driven up. Media and advertising industries have shown their participation in the sport to provide high-performance and best quality cycling products in the Middle East. The sport is going to get better as more entrepreneurs invest in the trend. Dubai cycling sport’s emerging popularity is opening doors for more competitive cycling events in the future.

EMX Motors L.L.C is working on the motto of RTA director-general and chairman, Mattar Al Tayer, who says investing in the running and cycling tracks will buoy up the residents into an active lifestyle. The chairman says the cycling and active sports infrastructure around the residential districts are favorable to induce health and fitness benefits in the communities. The construction of cycling tracks has extended to 178km in the residential districts and so the sports and dirt bike brands in Dubai. These infrastructures are built to encourage motorized transportation as an alternative to cars. EMX Motors L.L.C aims to promote environmentally friendly transportation means by selling the right products.

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