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Bringing electric revolution to the bike and moto world.

  • With a shared passion for riding, designing, developing and
  • tuning some of the worlds highest powered electric bikes
  • and motos. Our dream is to enable people around the
  • world to share the joy and excitement that we all get
  • from the work we do.
  • By providing everyone of all ages the opportunity to ride e-bikes and
  • e-motos to venture out exploring the world in new ways.
  • We are continually striving to ensure our products and projects are
  • helping empower people to get outside and explore nature.

The best global range of high power SurRon and Talaria mods by EBMX.

Achieving the most POWEEER you can possibly have from SurRon, Talaria and other e-Motos by focusing primarily on power modifications – motor controllers and industry best batteries.


EBMX Battery Upgrades

SurRon and Talaria

Our batteries will get you more range than the OEM SurRon / Talaria battery. This range is limited by how hard the throttle is twisted, riding conditions, and other related factors.

About EBMX SurRon and Talaria Batteries:

  • 60v batteries work with the SurRon / Talaria OEM controller if you are looking for more range and no additional power. They will charge with the OEM charger. However, our EBMX Fast Charger is available for charging up to twice as fast.
  • 72v batteries are optimized for more power and are best for harder riding, the higher voltage works to keep the motor cooler. They need an EBMX charger to pair with them.
  • The 72v and 60v batteries all pair perfectly with the EBMX more POWEEER after market controller solution for up to 15kW of power with the SurRon / Talaria OEM motor.
  • The 72v 57Ah SurRon Battery needs to be paired with seat extenders to fit and the EBMX designed Seat Extenders work perfectly with this battery.
  • Both the 57Ah and 65Ah Talaria Batteries are a little too large to fit within the OEM space so EBMX provide you with a 3D Printed Battery Cover as a replacement part of this package.

Power Kits

EBMX Power Upgrade Kits

In two stages, EBMX Power Upgrade take stock SurRon and Talaria bikes and adds in high quality aftermarket parts to the key areas the stock bikes are lacking.

If you want extra power, improved handling and better traction, the power upgrades have you covered.


The EBMX app for ASI controllers has been custom designed to work with our EBMX ASI controller kits.

Using the EBMX App enables customers to fully calibrate their motors to ensure optimum efficiency and performance for their builds.

EBMX App Features:

  • Smart Setup.
  • Speed Limit Settings.
  • Virtual Freewheel Parameter (enable/disable).
  • Motor Field Weaking (Top Speed) Adjustments.
  • Motor Power Adjustments.
  • Gear Ratio.
  • Motor Over Temperature Protection.
  • Motor Auto-Calibration.
  • Throttle Adjustments.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Throttle Auto-Calibration.
  • Custom Feature
  • Regen/Motor Brake Adjustments.


Electrifying riding experiences.

We have put together an indicative line-up of our premium product lines we believe will be appealing at your customer base.

EBMX Products

We source, test and manufacture the very best high performance and practical parts.

So you can ride faster, longer and get home safely to those missing out on all the fun.

Essentials Kit

Key starter upgrades in a discounted package!

Kit Includes:
  • 31.8mm Direct Mount Riser Stem and MX Bars.
  • Race Spec Foot Peg and Brace Bundle.
  • Long Rear Fender.
  • Pro Taper Grips Upgrade.
  • Race Spec Engine Guard.
  • Shimano Brake Upgrade. Pack.
EBMX Custom SurRon Swing Arm

Reinforced construction, more ridged than the stock swing arm and 65mm longer...

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220mm Rotor and Bracket

EBMX extended brake bracket together with 220mm thicker back brake rotor, is...

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EBMX Rear Shock and Linkage

EBMX custom built shock and heavy duty linkage and triangle have been enginee...

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Direct Mount Riser Stem

Unique design the EBMX 31.8mm Direct Mount Stem with 65mm rise (an additional...

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EBMX Alloy Premium Sprocket and Chain

This is the ultimate high class premium alloy sprocket designed for the eye...

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31.8mm MX Riser Bar

In a World First, EBMX have engineered a high-rise MX Bar in a MTB size 31....

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Decal Sets

These EBMX Decals look epic and add some real personality to your SurRon or S...

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Linkage and Dogbone Upgrade

For the SurRon OEM DNM Rear Shock. This EBMX specially designed replacement...

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EBMX Adjustable Kickstand

EBMX have re-designed the SurRon and Talaria kickstand to produce a fully a...

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Seat Extenders

Our EBMX Stealth Black Seat Extenders look the part, and push the rider 1.5...

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EBMX Wheels

These wheels are suitable for both SurRon and Talaria are made with high qu...

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